Thomas Stewart Holmes
1942 - 2020

Thomas S. Holmes passed away on the 30th of Sept 2020 at Saint Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, MB.

He is survived by his adoring wife Ruth Robertson; they were married in Longview Texas on the 19th of October, 2001. Also surviving are Ruth’s daughter Robyn and her children Olivia, Glen S. and Virginia who live in Nunavut and Winnipeg.

Thomas enjoyed time spent with his four sisters-in-law and one brother-in-law of Nova Scotia.
The family friend, Diane Wilshire has been very kind and misses Thomas a great deal.
He is missed by his 2 adult daughters, Jennifer and Catherine.

Since 1996, Thomas worked in the United States including San Diego CA, Longview TX and Mobile AL until he retired in Winnipeg. He was cat lover and never met “a bad cat or unattractive cat”.

Arrangements are pending. There will be no visitation.

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