A Purpose

A life of purpose


Every person is meant to have a purpose. A purpose is unique to each individual’s life experience. A purpose can be found in a career, while others find it in a specific moment that altered another’s life.  

No matter big or small, there is a purpose to each and everyone’s life—but often the tales are not told until after we die. It is in that moment of death that we finally reveal the purpose that individual gave to us. We sit in a room full of family, friends and strangers—recounting times of laughter, achievement, sadness and perseverance. We reminisce on how he/she made us feel or what they did to leave a lasting imprint on our life.

However, when the services are over and goodbyes are said, do we depart with a sense of relief or guilt? Do we often times ask ourselves, “Why didn’t I call him/her last month?” or “When was the last time I told him/her how much they meant to me?”

Hindsight is always 20/20 and we often wish we would’ve done or said more. The finality of death will do that to the living. It tends to make us re-evaluate what we feel, see and do. Therefore, we shouldn’t let purpose and death always work hand-in-hand; we should be celebrating the purpose he/she has when they are alive.

Although grief may help us mend something broken and loss may challenge us to find our own purpose—there is no better time than now to make the phone call, send the email, or make an effort to connect to our loved ones. Life is so delicate and we should take each opportunity to tell someone what they mean to us—you just may be adding to their own life’s purpose.


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