Interview with CBC News "Funeral director 'can't even fathom' how many services held during the Spanish flu"

Bardal Funeral Home is Winnipeg's oldest privately owned funeral home. It has been through several pandemics, including the Spanish flu. (Supplied by Bardal Funeral Home)

Historical ledgers show Bardal Funeral Home went from an average of 5 funerals a week to 45

The last year has been difficult for the funeral industry — not because they've seen a spike in business, but because public health orders have restricted how people can celebrate the lives of those who have died.

"It's not necessarily the ceremony or a minister or a priest standing in front of a microphone pronouncing words that make a … funeral important, it's what happens after," said Kevin Sweryd, director of Bardal Funeral Home. "It's during the coffee service, when everybody's laughing."



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