Is Cremation The Right Choice For You

Choosing Cremation

Is Cremation the right choice for you? Consider these when making a decision:

1) Cremation opens up more options, not less. When you choose cremation, you can still choose service and celebration of life options. You get to decide how cremated remains are dispersed: scattering, urn placement, burial and more. If you don’t want to be restricted by limited options, choose cremation.

2) Cremation is a permanent decision. It’s best to think through this decision, and be sure it discuss it with your loved ones. It’s important that next of kin and family understand your wishes and the serious thought you’ve put into it.

3) Some religions and denominations have different views on cremation as a final disposition. If a religious funeral is a priority for you, make sure you know your religion’s stance on cremation.

4) Cremation is still a relatively new choice and therefore concerns arise regarding respect of the body and respect for cremated remains. It’s important to note that only the highest standards exist for cremation, just like burial. If you value viewing the body during a service, that can be done with cremation. Listing what is most important to you will help in deciding if cremation is a viable option for you.

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