As times change, trends change too. Today, many opportunities exist for meaningful services for the benefit of family and friends – both before and after a cremation takes place. Many people believe at the time of death only two basic choices exist: immediate cremation of the body or a complete funeral including viewing, followed by a burial. Actually, several options exist which incorporate the most helpful aspects of both types of cremation services. We will take the time to listen to, and answer the questions you may have about cremation options. Then we will provide the most meaningful and personalized service possible. We provide a complete line of Cremation Containers and URNS to accommodate any budget and any preference.

Cremation Service Options

•  Cremation Following a Traditional Funeral
•  Immediate Cremation With a Memorial Service
•  Immediate Cremation With a Graveside Committal Service
•  Immediate Cremation With No Services
•  Immediate Cremation With a Memorial Reception