Providing for the Funeral


The death of a loved one can be a very emotionally stressful time. Making funeral arrangements during this time adds to that stress, and can be an extremely overwhelming task. Planning in advance can eliminate much of this added stress.

A pre-arranged funeral ensures you will receive exactly the type of service that you wish. It gives you time to consider your options and choose the very best for yourself and your loved ones.

Pre-arranging also allows you to pay for a funeral at today’s prices and avoid rising costs. You and your loved ones can feel comforted in knowing there is no need to worry about funeral bills in the future.

Providing for the Funeral

Traditionally, there have been three ways a family provides for a funeral:

Level Death Benefit Life Insurance

•  Normally intended to cover ongoing living expenses for the family.
•  Usually requires waiting weeks or months until the proceeds are available.
•  With inflation, proceeds may erode over time, or may involve disputes over contested claims.


•  May be tied up in probate.
•  Often depleted by the costs of illness before death.

•  May not be readily accessible at time of death.
•  Long-term savings may be reduced by taxes and early withdrawal penalties.

Friends and Relatives

•  Places an unexpected burden on those you care about.
•  May put survivors in an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.
•  Can cause friction between loved ones.
•  Borrowed money must be repaid.

Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning

Pre-Arranged funeral planning eliminates concerns by allowing you to pre-plan and fund your own funeral. Simply make an appointment with one of our funeral arrangers. They will help you select the services and merchandise you desire. Once you have made your choices, we assist you in documenting your plans so there will be no doubt as to your wishes. Family and friends will never have to wonder whether they have forgotten anything or whether they have selected what you would truly have wanted.

Bardal Funeral Home can provide the best possible guidance to you as you plan for the future. Often, many important decisions are left to be made at the time of death causing added stress and grief for family and friends. With our professional trained, licensed funeral directors you will have assistance on making these decisions before the need arises, eliminating this added stress from your loved ones and ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Recording Your Wishes

At Bardal Funeral Home we wish to make it a easy as possible to record your wishes with us. You may call us to make an appointment with one of our funeral arrangers. We will take the time to listen to, and answer the questions you may have about prearrangement options. Then we will record that information on a permanent file so that your wishes are noted and easily accessible to any person who has to make your funeral arrangements. If you would like to take advantage of this service free of charge online please click the button below and take a few minutes to complete the following form. It provides you with a permanent record of your wishes that will be kept on file with us. You may leave this information without any cost or obligation.