What is Your One Word?

What is Your One Word?

Posted on December 13, 2017 by Molly Keating

It’s important to me that our discussions about death not preclude life. We talk so much about grief and pain here that it’s really nice (for me, anyway) to take a break and think about and evaluate the life I am living. I’m not one for forced resolutions or setting myself up to utter the phrase “I’ll just have to try harder …”. Nope, no thanks! But when I came across this question, If you could only pick one word to be the theme of your year, perhaps even your life; what would that word be? – well now, that’s intriguing. It’s simple, which I love. There’s a challenge to find that 1 word that works for you as both an inspiration and a struggle.

I thought for a while with words like “loving, kind, good, generous, etc.” flying around my head – all lovely words but not striking me. I try to be those things and have been working on them for years – I wanted to find something that felt like a fresh and more open way of approaching life. And it hit me, “Open.”






Open to you

I love this word, for all of the above reasons, but also for the progressiveness that it inspires within me to not remain closed to others. It’s a tendency of mine to close-off, make a decision, form an opinion and be done. We all need the structures of beliefs and hopes, decisions and opinions- they aren’t bad things in themselves and I’m not advocating they go away – but I am challenging myself to live a life that isn’t as decided and certain of itself. It isn’t easy to choose to live a life more familiar with the phrase, “I don’t know” then, “oh, let me tell you …” – we are all FAR more comfortable knowing and feeling control. That’s why I know “open” is the word for me, it’s not that comfortable, it’s difficult, it removes me from my comfort zones and makes me question a LOT.

It may be a cinch for you to figure out your word or you may really think about it for a while like I did, but you’ll know the word when you land on it. If you just google “one word” there are some beautiful results, “silence, relax, mercy, simplicity, happy, dream …”. Find one, find yours.

So, I encourage you to take a moment or two and think about what this word could be for you and I highly suggest sharing it with a close friend. My husband and I both chose words that are extremely meaningful to us and that I think surprised the other. I’m looking forward to identifying ways he exemplifies his word this year and encourage him in that.

When we live in the shadow of grief, in a world that has had lights turned out, it makes it easier to identify the lasting, meaningful pursuits that aught to illuminate our lives.

I am interested in a resolution that moves my heart into deeper places instead of leaving me counting pounds or dollars. I want to be a better person for me, for you, not for the ever-comparing eyes and status-seekers of this world. I hope you’ll join me and I would LOVE to know your word.

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