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When you choose Bardal Funeral Home, you're choosing an ongoing tradition of quality and caring. You will appreciate our calm and quiet confidence, qualities that show just how much we understand.


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Kevin P. Sweryd


Funeral Director


Bardal is a Winnipeg Funeral Home owned and operated by Kevin and Patricia Sweryd.   Bardal Funeral Home is the original Funeral Home founded by A.S. Bardal in 1894.  It was run for many years by Neil and Karl Bardal, who eventually sold the funeral home to Neil Bardal Jr. and David E. Pritchard.  Neil Bardal Jr. sold his partnership in Bardal Funeral Home to David Pritchard in 1979. 

It is important to remember that Bardal Funeral Home is not affiliated with any other funeral providers in Winnipeg that bear a similar name. 


Public Parking

Bardal Funeral Home Offers parking on non-service days

Bardal Funeral Home is pleased to announce that public parking is available on our lot across from the Health Sciences Centre on non-service dates.  Parking passes can be purchased at the front desk.

Wednesday, October 7 - Parking Available

Thursday, October 8 - Parking Available

Friday, October 9 - Parking Unavailable

Please purchase passes during weekdays.

8:30 - 4:30 pm.


 Cremation Questions

Winnipeg Families Want to know

Many families need information regarding their options when it comes to cremation.  Cemeteries all have different regulations regarding what you can do with cremated remains.  Bardal Funeral Home is able to assist with all aspects of cremation and committal at any Winnipeg Cemeteries.  If you need an objective opinion regarding your options please call or send us your questions.

 (204) 774-7474
843 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1M6, Canada
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Bardal Funeral Home
 Funeral Chapel
843 Sherbrook Street

Across from the Health Sciences Centre:

  • A bright spacious chapel
  • Beautiful reception facilities
  • Parking for more than 200 guests 


Arrangement Centers

1510 St. Mary's Road at Meadowood
3393 Portage Avenue at Cavalier
In the Crestview Shopping Center

  • contemporary arrangement center
  • All funeral planning options available
  • Conveniently located in your community