Bardal Funeral Home & Crematorium has been serving the Winnipeg area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



A.S. Bardal
(Owner 1894 - 1950)

Karl Bardal
(Co-Owner 1950 - 1969)

Neil Bardal Sr.
(Co-Owner 1950 - 1969)

Neil Bardal Jr.
(Co-Owner 1969 - 1979)


David Pritchard
(Co-Owner 1969 - 1979)
(Owner 1979 - 2005)

Kevin Sweryd
(Owner 2005 - Present)

Patricia Sweryd
(Owner 2005 - Present)

Winnipeg’s Oldest Family Owned Funeral Home

Bardal Funeral Home was founded January 1, 1894 by owner Arinbjorn S. Bardal, age 28, and his brother Paul. The home was originally located two blocks north at the N.W. corner of Ross and Nina (renamed Sherbrook Street), and services included undertakers and cabs for hire.

In the fall of 1906, construction began on a three-story specially designed funeral home. The new design included areas for funeral operations on the main floor and in the basement, with some work areas on the second and third floors. Living space for family included four apartments on the upper two floors. The home was equipped with skylights and gaslights as electricity had yet to reach the “outskirts”. Bardal continues to provide funeral service to Winnipeg families from the modernized building on Sherbrook Street.

David Pritchard, graduate of Mortuary Science at the University of Minnesota in 1965, joined the funeral home, with Karl Bardal and Neil Bardal Sr. David was made a partner in the business in 1969 and became the sole owner of the funeral home in 1979. David continues to be an active part of this family business.

In 1994, the home celebrated its 100th anniversary. That same year, the company was honoured with an invitation to join Selected Independent Funeral Homes; An international organization providing superior service, facilities and value by independently owned and operated funeral directors.

In 2005 the family owned history continued to the next generation as David Pritchard began the transition of ownership to his daughter Patricia and son-in-law Kevin Sweryd . Bardal Funeral Home continues to stand out as the oldest family owned funeral service in Winnipeg.

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