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Our staff takes pride in honouring our country’s selfless veterans. It’s our duty to provide veterans and their families with professional assistance during your time of need. We work hard to create dignified services that honours veterans’ dedication to our country and helps their loved ones on their grief journeys.



Veteran Eligibility

Before being eligible for financial assistance, the estate of the deceased and surviving spouse must pass a means test to decide if they have the financial resources to pay for the funeral expenses.

However, an exception to this rule may be if the veteran’s death is related to their military service and a condition for which Veteran’s Affairs provided a disability benefit. If this is the case, financial assistance may be automatically granted after it’s determined by a Veteran’s Affairs medical authority.

For all other veterans, below are the rules to decide eligibility for means testing:

  • A former member of the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • A Canadian Merchant Navy Veteran of the Second World War or the Korean War.
  • An Allied Veteran who served with Allied Forces during the Second World War or Korean War and also has lived in Canada for at least 10 years.

Veteran Benefits

If the veteran’s estate planning passes the means testing, these are the expenses that the funding will cover all or part of:

  • Funeral service costs, including preparation of the remains, provision of a casket or an urn that meets the standards specified by the Minister, provision of ceremonial services, and provision of death notices.
  • The cost of cremating the remains, if applicable.
  • Special preparation of the remains for the viewing, if applicable.
  • Medical costs of the veteran’s last sickness that weren’t paid by the Minister and aren’t insured under a private or provincial healthcare plan.
  • Transportation of the remains from the place of death to the funeral and to the burial or cremation location, and transportation that requires two funeral homes because the funeral home or burial or cremation location aren’t at the same location.
  • Cost of a single grave and reasonable costs of opening and closing the grave and its perpetual care, if applicable.
  • Military-style grave marker that meets the standards of Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • Cost of a decomposable or non-decomposable grave liner, if required by the authorities of the cemetery.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (204) 774-7474 if you have any questions about veterans benefits or the services we provide. We’re happy to help you in honouring your veteran’s life.

Funeral Assistance

Our funeral home’s staff has the knowledge and experience to help you complete al the required paperwork for receiving the military death and burial benefits, like the Funeral and Burial Assistance from Veterans Affairs Canada or the Last Post Fund. There also is financial assistance available through these organizations to make paying for the funeral and burial expenses easier.

Means Testing

Once a veteran is determined eligible for means testing, the factors listed below will not be considered when calculating their financial status:

  • The family home (including standard household furnishings) and the family vehicle Regular income cheques issued to the deceased for the month of death, including Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement, War Veterans Allowance, or disability pension payments.
  • Assets to a value of $35,738 if the deceased left a surviving spouse.
  • Assets to a value of $700 for each dependent child.

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