John Clinton Kennedy
1946 - 2021

At the age of 75 years our dearly beloved “Clint” passed away peacefully in Winnipeg, Manitoba after many challenging years of living with Parkinson’s Disease.

Clint is survived by his wife: Karen Kennedy (Pedersen); Grandson, Bryce Kennedy; Sisters, Mona Hill (Greenlees) and Margaret (Maggie) Lipsie (Greenlees); Niece, Michele Hill; Nephews, Russell Hunt, Nic Vincent and Will Hill; Friends, Muriel and George Boroskae, Bill Hill, Julia Berschley, mother of Collin and Grandmother of Bryce.

He was predeceased by his brilliant son, Collin Bryce Kennedy (2018) who fought a long and honourable fight, just as his dad did, with humour and tenacity. Also, his mother, Audrey Catherine Greenlees (Smith) (1975); Step-Father William Early Greenlees (1965) and birth Father, John (Jack) Kennedy of Vancouver.

Clint’s first real job was delivering the Winnipeg Tribune in the North End and often invited Mona along for company. After graduating from St. John’s High he became a short order cook and soon after joined the Canadian Air Force Cadets in 1962. Mom always said his first word as a baby was “Airplane”. No surprise, Clint went into training and employment as a aircraft mechanic at Boeing Air in Winnipeg and then took accounting classes to work in Northern Manitoba at Sherritt Gordon Mines. Eventually, Clint settled in with General Electric repairing appliances for years before moving to British Columbia to open his own appliance service company until retirement.

Clint was raised in a home filled with music, books and a love of learning. Like so many other teens, he bought his first record player and electric guitar with his paper route money and loved going to school dances where he met other would be rockers, and hung out with the likes of Burton Cummings and Neil Young. His love of jazz culminated in his trip of a lifetime with Karenn, to Louisiana. They attended many live music “gigs’ over the years. Watching Hockey and attending live Baseball games in Winnipeg gave Clint great joy. He loved spending time with his little sister Maggie as often as they were able, over the years.

In the late 90’s, Clint attended Malispina University College, Poetry Writing Class and published a book of poems titled: Kicking out the Jambs: Chasing Icarus With Magic – This is a poem from his book

Ancient Spells
I Love the touch of soft seminal caresses smooth like the softened haze of the dying sun yielding to rumbling clouds which seem to boil and hiss with the chill of winter’s charm.
I am comforted by this intimate mystical spell it omens well of summer storms past and spent shedding the broad leaves, unleashing their grips on today’s dreams for tomorrow’s mind.
This sultry renaissance of nature springs life and love reborn under the rising harvest moon kissing my dreamscape with inspiring starlit romances and a long, long sleep this oncoming black night. Hail to the night! The snow owls call my name as the midnight church bells chime old lullabies to all of our babies as if ushering a grand sleep for a time longer than eternity while the spectre of Athena approaches me and prepares my crisp, warm autumn bed of fallen orange, brown and red maple leaves.
Softens my eyelids into slowly closing to imagine a scene of something more – her calm whispers, gentle kisses, sweetened assurances, her ancient spells cast my mouth with words that I know nothing of …
“Oh restful autumn, I embrace your cause of it is just and it is true. Fill my yearning heart til youthful spring calls me forth.. then I shall set you free.”

Oh rest peacefully Clint. Spring has called you forth and set you free!
You are loved and always in our hearts…

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