How to Thank a Caregiver

How to Thank a Caregiver

No matter if this caregiver is a professional, volunteer or family caregiver it can be difficult to show appreciation and acknowledge their sacrifices and work. They do so much, it may seem like whatever you do isn't enough. However, we're here to share our ideas and let you know that even the smallest gesture can make a caregiver feel appreciated. Remember:

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop 

Below we’ve listed 6 ways to thank a caregiver: 

  1. Say 'Thank You': Sometimes it's the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Taking the time to tell a caregiver 'thank you' lets them know they are sincerely appreciated.

  1. Send A Thank You Card: When saying 'thank you' doesn't feel like enough, consider writing your words in a card. Putting thoughtful words on paper gives the caregiver in your life  something they can hang on to and even keep for years to come.

  2. Give Them The Day Off: Although caregiving is immensely rewarding, it can also be draining. If you can, give them the day off, or consider arranging respite care for an afternoon, or even a week. Learn more about respite care here.

  3. Offer To Help: If you can't give time off, offer to handle one of their responsibilities this week. Even the simplest things like handling grocery shopping or tidying up the house can help the  caregiver in your life take a load off.

  4. Send Them Food: Being a caregiver often involves long hours, which means lots of late meals. Sending them food (or a gift card) from their favorite restaurant gives them an excuse to treat themselves.

  5. Make A Donation In Their Name: Making a donation to an organization they care about helps to 'pay it forward' for the kindness and selflessness they've shown you and others.

Whether a caregiver cares for you directly, or you're just a first hand witness to them helping someone else in your community, remember to always show them your thanks in whatever way you can (big or small).

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